this too shall pass.


While the story is funny, I wouldn’t say were F@#! This reminds me of the kids in highschool who called in bomb threats inorder to force the school to close for the day, back in the 90′s.

People over reacted, and freaked out, and resorted to the cliche slogan “we need to do something to protect our children”, so they ended up jumping on the band wagon, to ban guns; Which is F#@!ed. Why do people change the subject from bombs to banning guns, when someone announces they have a bomb? The bomb simply proves the point that anything can be used as a weapon, even a factious make believe bomb. For instance, if a student wanted to stab another student, they could just use the sharp end of their pencil. Should we ban pencil from schools? Should an FBI agent come to your house with a warrant to inspect your drawers for pencils, which may be used as a murder weapon? Obviously the answer is no; is this going to happen from time to time, sure; should you overreact probably not.

My advice is be calm, this to shall pass. Keep in mind, our earth circles a massive never ending nuclear explosion all day, everyday, year round; And yet there is nothing nicer then a day at the beach soaking in the sun. JOsH

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