Jira you’ve jumped the shark!

I thought this was a joke, but its seriously on their atlassian’s website. This is clinically sick, I’m not kidding this aweful. This is the exact opposite of a Montessori school of thought of how to teach children http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montessori_education

I’m going to write about book about it. ~/JOsH

“Software Bloat” & “Interface Bloat”

Software Bloat,ie Interface Bloat

One of the problems I’ve observed every where in the silicon valley, is “Interface Bloat” also known as “Software Bloat”.

“Interface Bloat” is a result of designers tendency to try and please everyone by adding every feature request into a single page ie “RIA” (Rich Internet Application ), instead of designing many pages to perform a few functions at a time, which reduces the complexity and skill required to implement and use the Application. If your font end developers can’t produce the work, the team fails, by design.

Calling everything a “Requirement” does not mean it is a “Requirement”.

Even if you were successful in implementing everything, end users probably will be overwhelmed and left confused as to how to use the software and will try to abandon it altogether rendering the software useless, ie JIRA(complex) vs github(simple’ish).

To fix this usually means to “start-over” ie “redo-loops”(expensive), and or reduce features/scope, thereby throwing away massive amounts of code, money, and time, or left to stagnate.

While at EA, working on the Godfather for the xbox, the joke was…

“”"Nine women can’t make a baby in a month, instead you end-up with nine babies in 9 months”"”

Meaning, the scope of the game was so massive, throwing 300 people at the project did not increase the capacity of the team, instead it slowed us down, and made everything much more complex. So we simply reduced scope, and were able to achieve success.

Because of this, I like to coin a term “Clean Design”, “meaning simple, clean, uncluttered, straight-forward and obvious.” Remove everything in your path that someone will trip on.


Making an interface so powerful that it is extremely difficult to implement


Allowing successive versions of a system to demand ever more resources


Paul Krugman, thinks the US is a Oligarchy, according to Thomas Piketty

The Rich get Richer, while the poor get poorer. Paul Krugman echo’s what Thomas Piketty book “Capital In The 21st Century” which talks about income inequality. Which Robert Reich has been talking about the 70′s and in his move “Inequality for All”.

Economist and author Thomas Piketty ‘Capital In The 21st Century.’