Awoken is the intro to a comic book I’m writing…


Concept art is below.

Awoken is address the age old question, “Are we alone in the universe” to which I say, “No, we are not.”.

Awoken is about humanity colonizing the solar-system, In an attempt to accelerate travel, humans accidentally invent time-travel by trying to invent teleportation in-order to get to Mars faster then 2020. Whats the difference between…

“””Same time different place, vs different time, same place.”””

Clones are intentionally, and unintentionally sent to the past, present, and future; Who sabotage, and harasses humanity to provoke them to accelerate and advance humanities technology & understanding of the universe, in-order to defend themselves and hide from invading aliens, who will come in the near future to poison our star, theryby causing a super-nova which destroys our solar-system, thereby eliminating humanities threat to disturb the existing power struggle. Humanity escapes to the past, to try to overcome this inevitability. Thereby making our grand children, our ancestors. Many stories of our past are actually stories of our future.

With each successive revolution, humanity inevitably will overcome its obstacles, or die trying to take its place in the cosmo’s as a super power. But first a “war of wars” to decide the winners among alien nations.

The story takes place in the present,

Immortals who seek to sabotage humanity, shutdown the power-grid to stop signaling to alien nations earth’s location and is inhabited with intelligent life.

Once the power-grid shutdowns, civilization devolves into kaos, riots burn down metropolitan cities, leaving those cities citizens to fend for themselves between loiters, and military intervention under marshal law. Mobs form to resist the military, and retake the city, and regain power.

As the immortals continue to harasses the mob/city/states, the mob decides to hunt the saboteurs, as they capture and kill the immortals, the immortals show/tell the mob what they know about the near future.

At somepoint the imortals decide its to late to avoid the future, and begin to help humanity prepare for the invasion. Humanity accelerates their efforts to colonize the solar system in preparation of the invasion.






Locke fell asleep some time ago, he rested in his crept, at the top of a mountain in solitude and peace. In his absence other creatures similar to locke used this time to build their kingdoms.

Locke wakes prematurely, looks from the peak of the mountain, and begins to look for what disturbed his sleep. Locke spots, a familiar creature of interest. He begins to form thoughts of how to acquire this creature, while he continues his search for what woke him from his slumber. First he must gather his thoughts, over a brew, while he warms himself over a fire. The fire signals to all the creatures of the land, Locke has awoken. Time is short.


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